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Band 6 RMN

Job Title: Band 6 RMN
Contract Type: Full Time, Permanent
Responsible to: Registered Manager
Responsible for: Band 5 RMN’s/Support Workers/Student Nurses
Location: East Lancashire
Salary: Negotiable


Band 6 RMNs at Aaban Partnership Ltd. work closely with the people who use our services, their families, carers and external professionals. They offer an important contribution to how people experience our services. Band 6 RMNs are kind and responsive but professional and informative. They contribute to the quality of the services we provide by:

  • keeping the people who use our services as safe as possible through the application of sound clinical skills and effective risk assessments.
  • ensuring the best possible clinical outcomes by using up-to-date skills and adhering to evidence-based policies and procedures.
  • ensuring the people using our services have a good experience by respecting, empowering and working collaboratively with people throughout the care planning process.

We believe that optimal care and treatment is delivered by multi-disciplinary teams working well together and in close partnership with other teams and services to provide seamless care. Band 6 RMNs work as part of a team and you contribute to the success of the team by being an effective role model and supervising other Band 5 RMN’s, support workers and students.


Key Responsibilities-

Band 6 RMNs ensure they are working to the standards which the people using our services deserve. Aaban Partnership Ltd. expects all Band 6 RMNs to act in a way which shows you understand our core values of Safe, Committed, Compassionate, Innovative Care that is delivered Authentically with Respect and Optimism. The organisation expects that Band 6 RMNs are willing to live these values with service users, their friends, family and carers and also other staff members. We expect Band 6 RMNs to role model these values and contribute to ensure that they are embedded in the practice of the team to enable individualised care that empowers our service users to use resources to make their own decisions and meet their owns needs. Aaban Partnership Ltd. is committed to providing safe, effective services for women with a primary diagnosis of personality disorder and as such we expect them to work in partnership and behave in a way that shows recognition that the commissioners and users of our services are the people who generate and pay for our work.

Clinical Outcomes and Patient Experience-

Band 6 RMNs work with people who have complex needs and contribute to the effectiveness of services by:

  • Being confident, autonomous practitioners who take responsibility for both the care they give to service users and for overseeing the work of others in the team including less experienced nurses and staff without a professional qualification
  • Providing skilled, evidence-based nursing care which adheres to agreed policies, procedures and client-centred formulations

  • Working with patients and families in all stages of the care planning process including assessing risks and needs to promote good risk management and harm minimisation
  • Acting as patient advocates in the multi-disciplinary team and overseeing the work of others to ensure that they are also responding to the needs of service users to promote independence
  • Working as autonomous practitioners and taking responsibility for the care they give to patients but also working as team members providing clinically effective care
  • Communicating well with all members of the team
  • Understanding their role in the team and how they help the team achieve its’ objectives
  • Reflecting on their own practice regularly and encouraging the whole team to reflect on their practices in handovers and team meetings

  • Encouraging the team to learn from adverse events or respond to data analysis from audits and implement initiatives which improve clinical outcomes
  • Promoting psychological interventions and therapy (in particular Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) as a means to achieve long term, sustainable recovery.

Band 6 RMNs contribute to the people using our services feeling respected and empowered to make decisions about their health and wellbeing by:

  • Working in partnership with patients and their families and carers
  • Gaining consent and, as far as possible, involving people in all decision making to promote collaborative care
  • Signposting service users to other professionals and statutory and voluntary organisations
  • Being professional, respectful, responsive, knowledgeable and confident at all times
  • Demonstrating clinical leadership and challenging any poor practice to create a positive, inclusive culture in which everyone is treated with compassion and respect and the organisation’s values are embedded in all practice
  • Responding to complaints or concerns effectively and quickly in line with the organisational policy

Clinical Leadership-

All members of Aaban Partnership Ltd. demonstrate that they are meeting the Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards of care. Band 6 RMNs are expected to be clinical leaders and play an active role in ensuring that the team understands the CQC standards and what individual team members do to help achieve those standards by:

  • Taking a lead role in gathering and recording evidence which demonstrates that CQC and locally agreed standards are being met: assessing the performance of the whole team by using audit and contributing to the implementation of quality improvement initiatives
  • Contributing to the performance management of teams and creating a positive culture in which the team can learn from mistakes and is enthusiastic to improve
  • Deputising for the team leader / ward manager and ensuring that there is no fall in care standards in their absence. This may include managing the team and coordinating shifts.
  • Engaging other staff by providing supervision and giving constructive, regular feedback which helps those individuals reflect on their work, understand their objectives and the CQC standards and monitor their progress towards achieving them
  • Participating constructively in their own supervision and annual appraisal processes
  • Maintaining NMC registration and adhering to the Re-Validation Processes set out by the NMC. The NMC plays an important role in safeguarding the public by regulating the work of nurses and all nurses, including Band 6 RMN’s, are expected to register with the NMC each year and adhere to the NMC Code of Conduct.

Patient Safety-

Band 6 RMNs contribute to the provision of safe and effective services by:

  • Using clinical judgement and risk assessments to keep the people using our services as safe as possible
  • Safeguarding people by recognising and responding when an adult or child might be at risk from abuse but also recognising their own limits and asking for help and escalate concerns when necessary
  • Escalating safety concerns and acting as an effective advocate for those who use our services
  • Being open and transparent about their own practice and recognising personal limits
  • Supervising the work of others and reflecting on everyday practice to identify areas where improvements in safety or quality can be made
  • Working with others to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovative care
  • Maintaining accurate, legible, comprehensive records in line with relevant legislation and the best practice guidance
  • Maintaining compliance with their mandatory training requirement.
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