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Healthcare Support Worker

Job Title:Healthcare Support Worker
Contract Type:Part Time, Full time – Permanent. Days and Nights
Responsible to:Registered Manager
Location:East Lancashire
Salary:£10.50 per hour
Shifts:12 hour shifts. Week 1 – 4 shifts and week 2 – 3 shifts on a rolling rota
DesirableExperience working with young people/mental health


Healthcare Support Workers at Aaban Partnership Ltd. work closely with the Multi-Disciplinary Team and the young people who use our services, their families, carers and external professionals. They offer an important contribution to how people experience our services.

Healthcare Support Workers are kind and responsive but guided by evidence-based care principles in their work and relationships with young person and team members.
They contribute to the quality of the services we provide by:

  • implementing planned interventions and activities.
  • promoting recovery and independence.
  • promoting well-being and healthy life choices.
  • supporting daily living skills and access to community services.
  • following organisational policies and procedures.


Key Responsibilities-

Compassionate, Innovative Care that is delivered Authentically with Respect and Optimism. The organisation expects that Healthcare Support Workers are willing to live these values with young person, their friends, family and carers and also other staff members to contribute to a culture of respect and compassion.

We expect Healthcare Support Workers to act as effective team members and role models to support individualised care that empowers our service users to use resources to make their own decisions and meet their owns needs. Healthcare Support Workers ensure they are always acting in a manner that respects the customs, individuality, values, sexuality and spiritual beliefs of the people in our care and actively supports individuals to fulfil these.

Aaban Partnership Ltd. is committed to providing safe, effective services for young people with mental health difficulties as such we expect Support Workers to work in partnership, promoting young peoples involvement, contributing and making suggestions for service improvements and identifying and reporting on any issues of concern. Healthcare Support Workers promote a positive image of the organisation and behave in a way that shows recognition that the commissioners and users of our services are the people who generate and pay for our work.

Clinical Outcomes and Patient Experience-

Healthcare Support Workers work with people who have complex needs and contribute to the effectiveness of services by:

  • Working under the supervision of Qualified staff; Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Psychological and Occupational Therapists.
  • Providing care for young people as informed by the assessment and formulation process and as planned in Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings.
  • Observing, reporting on and recording mental health, risk, behaviour and physical health to contribute to the assessment, care planning and evaluation process.
  • Being aware of the principles, and working within any required restrictions, of Mental Capacity Act including Deprivation Of Liberty Safeguards.
  • Attending, contributing to and handing over information from daily meetings.
  • Providing physical care, including personal hygiene, diet and nutrition, dressing and laundry, maintaining an adequate personal environment and supporting good sleep amongst other daily routines.
  • Ensuring all mandatory training is up to date.
  • Understanding all policies and procedures in relation to safeguarding and raise any safeguarding concerns.
  • Understanding your responsibility in relation to safeguarding.
  • Supporting therapeutic engagement by participating and, where appropriate, co-facilitating therapeutic programmes.
  • Supporting social activities and community engagement whilst maintaining professional boundaries.
  • Under direction of the person/nurse in charge implementing planned observations and providing escort duties, in a discreet manner, to enable activity and community access whilst supporting safety and well-being.
  • Undertaking physical observations; blood pressure, temperature, pulse and respiration monitoring, urine analysis and recording of height and weight and accurately reporting results to the nurse in charge.

Risk Assessment-

Healthcare Support Workers contribute to the delivery of safe services by:

  • Having knowledge of the risk assessment and management tools that the service is subscribed to.
  • Being aware of the potential for vulnerability and abuse amongst the people in our care and being mindful of the gender sensitive challenges and multiple disadvantages that the people in our care might encounter.
  • Being aware of personal safety and the possibility of risk in the work place. Taking all possible precautions to safeguard personal, service user and visitor well-being and implementing organisational policy and procedure to support safe working. Including reporting on areas of concern where necessary.
  • Recognising potential crisis situations and, with support, implementing positive behaviour plans to provide early intervention and de-escalation of potential crises. At all times, being committed to relational engagement as a means of managing risk and promoting well-being.


Healthcare Support Workers contribute to effective communication by:

  • Giving and receiving clear messages by telephone, email or other means of contact.
  • Ensuring all information related to young person or staff safety is communicated immediately.
  • Using organisational systems and processes (e.g mobile phones, nurse call alarms, signing in/out books, care plans, handover sheets etc) in the delivery of effective communication and excellent care.
  • Recording all contacts with young person, accurately and contemporaneously, in recognised care notes. Routinely recording information on mental state, risk, behaviours, physical health, therapeutic engagement and activity.
  • Ensuring effective communication with the people in our care, families and carers, visitors, staff and external professionals.
  • Ensuring that all communication is within the boundaries of a professional relationship and that client confidentiality is paramount. Healthcare Support Workers will always refer an individual to, or seek guidance from, the person/nurse in charge when unsure of the limits of confidentiality.
  • Remaining mindful of the limits of professional relationships with the people in our care. Personal disclosure will be well-thought out and offered only in the context of a therapeutic target and information exchanged with the people in our care will be sought and delivered sensitively, using tact, reassurance and empathy.


Healthcare Support Workers are integral to safe, effective, responsive care delivery at Aaban Partnership Ltd. They contribute to success in these areas by:

  • Carrying out duties as designated by the person/nurse in charge.
  • Working proactively in accordance with principles of recovery, independence and social inclusion.
  • Empowering, encouraging and advocating for the young people in our care and tactfully addressing stigma, inequality and discrimination where possible.
  • Working where required on a 24-hour rota across the organisation.
  • Implementing organisational Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding, Infection Control and Information Governance procedures.
  • Attending, and actively participating in, all training recommended for the role and taking personal responsibility for identifying personal training needs.
  • Attending, and actively participating in, clinical supervision, appraisal and performance development.
  • With support of the organisation, taking personal responsibility for self-care by ensuring a reasonable work-life balance, taking breaks and regular annual leave, engaging in de-briefs and supportive functions when offered and by reporting difficulties that contribute to, or are affected by, work in a timely manner.

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