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Registered Manager

Job Title: Registered Manager
Contract Type: Full Time, Permanent
Responsible to: Clinical Lead / Business Development Manager
Responsible for: Senior Support Worker, Support Workers, Cook & other staff as required
Location: East Lancashire
Salary: Negotiable


  • Undertakes the role and associated functions of the CQC Registered Manager.
  • Ensures the security, health and safety, general welfare and satisfaction of service user’s placed at the care home.
  • Facilitates service user’s recovery from mental health and enhances their quality of life and independence.
  • Promotes psychological ways of working with service users to facilitate long term, sustainable recovery.
  • Managers all operational aspects of the home maintaining all requirements for compliance and ensuring uncompromisingly high standards


Service user related (inc. prospective service users)

  • Ensures that service users’ are treated in a way that respects their basic human rights and freedoms, is free from discrimination, empowering and appropriate to their individual needs and circumstances.
  • Ensures that service users’ are provided with timley and relevant information about the service, their rights and entitlements; their involvement in all decisions affecting them; on-going and meaningful service user consultation, feedback, participation and involvement.
  • Promotes psychological interventions and therapy (in particular Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) as a means to achieve long term, sustainable recovery.
  • Ensures that service user medication is actively managed and in accordance with company policies and procedures.
  • Supervises and delivers all aspects of the company’s service delivery model (comprising referral, assessment, support planning, key working, reporting and review) and to ensures that this is managed within the given timescales and to the required standard.
  • Following referral, carries out thorough individual initial assessments and targeted outline support plans of service user needs, risks, goals and aspirations using the agreed tools.
  • Oversees that all new service users are provided with a through induction in accordance with the prescribed format.
  • Supervises, gate keeps and approves all core assessments, core support plans and subsequent assessments and support plans for service users at the project, ensuring that these are focused and of a good standard and quality.
  • Ensures that service user progress reports are completed to a good standard, are thorough and reflect progress and that these are sent to relevant professionals and others as agreed and within agreed timescales
  • Actively promotes user independence, offering advice and practical support with matters relating to developing independent living skills.
  • Ensures that all service users have a plan for move-on (where appropriate) and that this is being implemented.
  • Undertakes regular Case Management Audits in respect of all service users, using the prescribed format ensuring a high standard of audit and information.
  • Facilitates a culture and ethos that supports and promotes the companies vision and values.
  • Ensures that all requirements for recording and record keeping are adhered to and kept up to date (both hard copy and electronic processes).

Staff Management

  • Promotes good morale amongst staff and a culture of learning, development and continuous improvement and where competent staff feel valued.
  • Carries out and promotes reflective practice as a means to inform better care, good staff morale and a culture of learning.
  • Undertakes and maintains all staff management responsibilities, including selection and recruitment, induction, probation, supervision, appraisal, absence and disciplinary processes.
  • Manages staff cover, including the compilation, implementation and monitoring of staff rosters, arranging cover for unplanned absences and utilises bank staff (ensuring that the staffing agency budget is only used as a last resort).


  • Takes responsibility for all delegated budgets (including cash) and ensures that spend is within restrictions and limits.
  • Takes responsibility for the management of voids and works actively to ensure that bed vacancy levels are kept to a minimum.
  • Participates actively in the referral process and assessment of prospective service users
  • Ensures sufficient supplies (household goods, food, stationary etc.) and services (repairs, maintenance cleaning, gardening etc.)
  • Deals with and chases through all fee income as may be required and in liaison with the company’s central finance team.
  • Maintains the company’s procedure for notification of any changes concerning fee income.

Working with the Multi-Disciplinary Team & other External Agencies

  • Builds positive working relationships with the service users care coordinators and multi-disciplinary teams and ensures regular communication on concerns and progress.
  • Ensures that initial assessments and initial support plans are completed and circulated in line with the relevant procedures.
  • Ensures that the Care Coordinator, and other members of the service users multi-disciplinary team, receive regular service user reports on progress.
  • Where appropriate, attends and contributes to professional appointments with the service user and other formal meetings such as CPA’s, placement reviews, discharge planning meetings.
  • Liaises with and makes necessary arrangements with external agencies (e.g. education, employment and training providers, leisure, recreational, health and other services). Supports the service user to access and engage with services as agreed.
  • Represents the company appropriately and professionally at relevant public, external activities and events

Administrative, Financial & Reporting Requirements

  • Maintains in good order and keeps up to date, relevant service user files; staff personnel files; and other records
  • Ensures that all complaints, concerns and incidents (including any suspicions) are recorded and notified appropriately, in accordance with company policy and procedure.
  • Ensures that MAR Sheets, communication book, appointment diary and weekly planners are checked on a daily basis and kept up to date with new information/ appointments.
  • Ensures that records of petty cash, activities monies and service user money’s and belongings are kept up to date, that signing in and out processes are followed and receipts for all purchases are maintained.
  • Undertakes regular checks on the state of repair of the property and all fixtures and fittings.

Policies, Procedures & Relevant Industry Regulations & Guidance

  • Undertakes the role and associated functions of the CQC Registered Manager ensuring that the overall quality of service is compliant with the highest level of CQC rating possible and that the home is prepared at all times for inspections and audits.
  • Ensures familiarity with and adherence to all relevant industry regulations and guidance.
  • Ensures that familiarity with and proactive adherence to all company policies and procedures including: SOVA, Whistle Blowing, Complaints, Grievance, Disciplinary,
  • Absence from Work, Lone Working, Equality and Diversity and Health & Safety.
  • Ensures that all staff at the project are aware of, understand and proactively adhere to all company policies and procedures.
  • Observes the company’s code of conduct at all times and advises any suspected breaches appropriately.
  • Promotes the company’s good name and effective working relationships with outside organisations.

Health, Safety & Security

  • Takes responsibility for ensuring the proper management of all Fire Safety, Environmental and Health & Safety tasks as required.
  • Observes Health & Safety procedures in the workplace to ensure personal safety and to safeguard the interests and safety of colleagues, customers and visitors.
  • Takes responsibility for ensuring that the building, premises and all fixtures and fittings are in good working order/ state of repair at all times.
  • Reports any concerns regarding Security, Health & Safety appropriates and ensures that all hazards are dealt with immediately.
  • Ensures that regular checks are carried out as required:
    • Fire Safety (Inc. fire drills, testing of smoke alarms, check fire extinguishers – fire safety checklist)
    • Health & safety (Inc. maintenance, COSSH – see H&S checklist)
    • Security (Inc. checks on security of premises, vetting of visitors, monitoring movement of service users)
    • Food Hygiene (Inc. monitoring of fridge/freezer and cooking temperatures, product sell-by dates)
    • Service User room/ premises inspections.

Learning, Training & Development

  • Maintains own training and development needs and maintains professional registration.
  • Attends, shows willing and participates in staff monitoring and learning and development activities such as induction, probation, supervision and appraisal meetings, internal and external seminars, workshops and training events.
  • Ensures that there is staffing cover at all times and in line with the current CQC requirements.
  • Takes a lead on learning, training & development as appropriate.
  • Ensures that staff training needs are identified and appropriately met.


  • Works proactively as a member of the management team and deputises for senior colleagues during periods of absence.
  • Where appropriate, takes part in on-call cover across the company
  • Works flexibly to respond to changing priorities.
  • Maintains a strict level of confidentiality ensuring that no sensitive information is divulged at any time (including in respect of service users, customers, company personnel, shareholders, finances or any aspect of business strategy).
  • Adheres to and actively promotes the company’s policy on equality and diversity.
  • Undertakes other duties commensurate with scale and grade as required.
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